What’s Your Story? (Women Speaking Truth to Power).

Allow me to exploit this blog (just for one post) for the purposes of my current internship, and a project I’m a part of there called “Women Speaking Truth to Power.”  The goal of the project is to collect stories from women (age 18 and over, for liability reasons) — particularly stories of triumph — in whatever medium you choose to share them (i.e. writing, video, art, music, or basically anything else.)  A collection of these stories will be posted on the Girls Speak Out web page for Women’s Projects.  I think it would be kind of awesome if there was an influx of work by asexual writers (not to mention the other queer people who read this), although you certainly wouldn’t have to write specifically about an asexual/ queer experience unless you wanted to… We are multi-faceted beings after all.  I just wanted to throw it out there, as I know a number of the people who read this are women, and a number of the men who read this know women, and all of those women have stories worth hearing.  So, please consider contributing and/ or passing along the word.

More information here or behind the cut.

Do you have a story about meeting a challenge? Do you know women who have gone through a changing process? The stories of women finding their way over and through an obstacle are powerful tools for change and renewal that are often ignored, despite the fact that when we know we’re not alone our strength and ingenuity grows by leaps and bounds.

Girls Speak Out is launching a “Women Speaking Truth to Power” project, which collects works from women (18 years and older) around the globe, who have chosen to tell their story through writing, music, art, or video. The work will be posted on our website. It’s an opportunity for women to share a life journey, especially about a process that makes them feel positive and powerful.

Women Speaking Truth to Power offers your story a place to spread the word about what we do to change our world. Feel free to share work or ask questions by e-mailing here:  gspeakout@aol.com

We are excited about posting your work!


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One Response to “What’s Your Story? (Women Speaking Truth to Power).”

  1. dolores Dempsey Says:

    oops I think I mentioned Corrie, because I had just read his blog, About.com:Sexuality. Sorry. My message stated is still the same, however. I am going to look at the website, and offer what I can, later.

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