You Call That A Headline?

Given the two-posts-in-24-hours-craziness the other day, it probably looks like I’m becoming a bit of a blog-aholic, and honestly, I won’t deny that as a possibility. I think it’s quite possible that I’m developing my own semi-asexy version of the one track mind and need an outlet for the relentlessness. (It’s also possible that I expect to be a bit m.i.a. in the coming week, as I have family visiting for my sister’s wedding — shoutout to couples that restore my faith in marriage, by the way, — and am attempting to make up for it by posting several hundred entries before they arrive.)  This however is less “real entry” than “random newsy update,” so I should get on with my intention, which was simply to point out that in addition to the few new asexy blogs that have been added over the past few days, I’ve also put a few extra links under Blogroll.  The first is to a convenient livejournal version of this exact blog, which I’ve decided to go ahead and put together (complete with hilarious lj icon) on the basis that most of us are already overcommitted (IRL and on the web) and for those overcommitted people already on livejournal, a blog can be significantly easier to read (and to remember to read) if they can simply have it on their friends’ page. So, I have attempted to swallow (or spit out, rather; I don’t like to push things down) my hatred of the ads on current free lj accounts, and established The Livejournal Willendork.

I’ve also linked my creative writing journal, which — while largely irrelevant to the topics here — does push me one step closer to integrating the various aspects of my identity, and which may be of interest at times, not simply to those of you who are interested in creative writing anyway, but also because I have recently begun to try my hand at stories (again; I’d taken a break from them for several thousand years), and I’m finding that the queer-dork in me seems to take the spotlight in that particular genre. This means that queer storylines and characters, including asexual storylines and characters, are a definite possibility in the future; so if that appeals to you, give it a gander.

(Oh, Lord.  I just suggested that you give “gosling” a gander.  I am officially, even unconsciously, a dork.)

Exciting, yes? I thought so. And maybe I’ll even get back here in the next day or so to post one of the five million (a)sexuality-related thoughts spinning through my brain (largely as a result of David’s two-part interview with Carol Queen, which sort of had me spinning around my apartment in that “holy crap, do I actually make sense to other people?” way I find so exciting, and which — if you haven’t already heard — you should totally give a listen. Maybe even if you have already heard it. We reread good books after all; we may as well relisten to good podcasts.)

Until then…


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