Put Up Pictures of Your Art.

On a lighter, less complicated note than my usual offerings, allow me to link a song I stumbled across yesterday by an artist who does not yet realize she has successfully sold me her CD.  It’s not – I’ll admit – obviously related to asexuality, but I think there’s a stretch one can make that gets there.  Something along the lines of “asexuals have the opportunity for rare insight into the hypersexualization of our culture and the way that folks internalize that, and therefore, they may get a kick out of hearing it critiqued.” 

And besides, this way asexy beast doesn’t have to find all the fun asexy songs herself.  Kindergarten – (or having four siblings, or something) – taught me to share.

Without further ado, then, I present to you: Keyke’s Myspace Improv About Boobs.


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One Response to “Put Up Pictures of Your Art.”

  1. keyke Says:

    aw geeze you sweet person,
    i was lookin myself up for links to send a musician i may be collaborating with,
    you know, to give him a better idea of who i am,
    and i found this.

    i’m stoked i’m still havin some sort of effect in my slightly stagnant state.

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